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Acne Therapy

Acne is a significant skin condition that can alter a person's physical and psychological life, affecting self-image and confidence. An inflammatory condition of the oil producing sebaceous glands, it affects the young and adults, male and female. If left untreated, acne can be quite painful and cause scar formation.

Our Treatments

Treatments are designed to address the condition of the patients skin at the time of treatment by an on-site Nurse Esthetician or Laser Technician. At Azura Medical Spa, we believe that medications and chemicals, while helpful are only one piece of a complete acne regimen. Our Individualized, medically supervised and hands-on treatments are necessary for the effective improvement of acne.

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Therapy Pricing

Azura Medical Spa has made every effort to keep our costs reasonable. Acne Therapy pricing is reasonably fixed to enable treatments to be done a regular basis, thereby attaining the very best results for you!